6 Ever Spiritual Hollywood Movies

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Spirituality is another name for the connection with your spirit. One may have the desire but might not know where to start. Some are found pouring over books, others find spiritual masters or healers. It may sound like a peculiar prospect, but cinema has lent itself to spirituality. Here are our favorite movies with a deep spiritual resonance.

1. Avatar

Avatar is a deeply spiritual movie.

The story celebrates diversity and other life-affirming ways of knowledge. The “Navis”, value harmony, simplicity, community, the spirit in nature, the sacred feminine, and much more.

Through the sympathetic portrait of the scientists, it mirrors the current-day marriage of science and religion that has been catalyzed by discoveries in quantum physics and energy medicine.

There are many “contemplative moments” in Avatar.

  • Seeds, trees, animals, insects, water, and leaves are all part of the web of life. Everything is alive and conscious and interconnected.
  • Having a good heart and being fearless are part of being a warrior.
  • Signs are all around us in nature and in our own experiences: they are meant to be read and interpreted.
  • Energy is pulsating in and through all forms of life.
  • Mother Earth doesn’t take sides; she protects only the balance of life.


2. Kung Fu panda

Po, the panda works in his family’s noodle shop and dreams of becoming a kung-fu master. His dream becomes a reality when, unexpectedly, he must fulfill an ancient prophecy and study the skills with his idols, the Furious Five.

Finally, the legendary dragon scroll by master Oogway, which is supposed to be the secret for ‘limitless power’ is just blank.  Just when Po starts to thinks it’s a joke by the master, his father shares something remarkable, that the secret ingredient for the noodle soup is ‘nothing’. At that moment, Po realizes the secret to the Dragon Scroll, the secret to limitless power.  There is no secret, it’s Just Belief.

The key to the Dragon Scroll, the key to accomplishing all that you ever wanted, the key to changing the world, the key to reaching new heights, the key to limitless personal power, is just believing in yourself and believing in your Masters’ ways of teaching you.


3. Matrix

This movie is packed with higher learnings.

Morpheus’ comment soon after waking Neo: “We never free a mind once it’s reached a certain age. It’s dangerous, the mind has trouble letting go.” We have seen how our mind clings to bondage because that’s what makes it feel useful. If we master the art of letting go, what use is the mind of?

Another fact told by Morpheus that ‘most of them are not ready to be unplugged from the matrix’ is also true in the world. Many of us are afraid of seeking out the truth. It is easier for some to live in the illusion, because the freedom is for the bravehearts who can ‘let go’

The episode of bending the spoon is another beautiful anecdote – There is no spoon – the spoon exists only in the Matrix, which really means it doesn’t exist as a physical object. The object doesn’t exist, so Neo can’t change it, he has to change himself. Metaphorically, it’s all in our head – we have to look inside to exact any control, to bring about any changes in our lives. This entire world is a manifestations of our thoughts.


4. Inside out

Many of us are unable to read our feelings, manage our emotions, or create emotionally rich intimate relationships.

The movie is universal in its humanism and filled with imaginative touches, that speak to the hearts of children and adults alike.

The most spiritually alluring message of Inside Out is the alliance that is forged between Sadness and Joy. Most of us have been taught to hide, stifle, or camouflage “negative” emotions. Sadness is an emotional state we try to avoid. At first, the personified emotion, Joy wants to keep Sadness out of Riley’s memories. But then she discovers that some of Riley’s happiest memories followed moments of sadness. Joy literally comes from embracing Sadness. It shows how every emotion is essential for our wellbeing.


5. Little Boy

The film’s message is subtle and luminous. Little Boy, shows what it means to believe, and how we navigate the specifics of why we believe, what we believe, about miracles and God’s sustaining hand in the midst of danger and tragedy.

It also powerfully addresses the way we (should) treat those we think are our enemies.

To test the power of his faith, the villagers tell him to move the mountain. He believes he can and tries. Just at that precise moment, there is a mild earthquake and the mountain moves. It shows that strong unwavering belief in something makes the universe comes together to make it happen for you.


6. The Gravity

There are many images in Gravity that remind us that we are on a spiritual journey — from one of birth, through tribulation by fire, encounters with mysteries, and rebirth in water. But the clearest signposts to the spiritual life, as Rabbi Terry Bookman has written, are two words: “Thank you.” They are a fitting response to this film as well. As the credits start to roll at the end of the film, place your hand on your heart. Feel it beat. With each heartbeat, imagine compassion being sent out into the universe, to all people, to all beings — especially those using every fiber of their being and every ounce of their energy to survive.

So get some pop-corn out and may the force be with you!

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