5 Gratifying Reads For A Seeker

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  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

As a seeker, you are aware of the immense power of your mind. However, something beautiful opens up once you start realizing the futility of mind itself. ‘The Power of Now’ helps you experience yourself as separate from your mind, thoughts and emotions. If practiced devoutly, this book can open up a unexplored new dimension of the present moment, the ‘Now’.

The book emphasizes on ‘stillness’ as a way to experience your innermost being. Many seekers who practice meditation have experienced this stillness to some extent. This book inspires you to incorporate it in all your tasks, in fact in every moment!

It has a chapter that speaks on “Enlightened Relationships”, which explains how the beauty of being in the ‘Now’ can help you break the cycle of ‘love-hate’ relationships. The book is very profound and is a must read for anyone who seeks to be established firmly on the path to self-discovery!

  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is a beautiful allegory with immense hidden wisdom. It is the story of a shepherd boy Santiago and his journey to a treasure hidden in the Pyramids. A seeker will find the main character of the boy very relatable especially the choices he is faced with, the despair and the triumphs on his path to self-discovery.

The boy notices how his flock is only concerned about food and shelter needs and he finds himself separate from their way of thinking. The book explains how the simple things in life are extraordinary. Most evidently, it highlights the beautiful combination of self-effort and a universal energy that supports every time one plunges into the unknown.

It stands out by not making romantic love/attachment as the sole purpose of the boy’s existence but rather something that is a part of his journey. It instills in oneself hope, faith and purpose!

  • Celebrating Silence

This book is a collection of discourses by H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It is a practical guide from the depth of an ancient lineage of wisdom and has an innate beauty of simplicity.

The book has 3 chapters. The first one addresses those things we want to change as well cultivate in ourselves as seekers on the path. The second chapter discusses service, spiritual practices and surrender. The third chapter is most sublime, leading us through an understanding of the higher power and back to our inner self.

Quoting a reader comment on Goodreads “The principles of leading a good life seem so simple when seen in isolation.” Cultivating a habit of reading one page every day can gradually cause a big shift in your overall perspective. This book deserves be a part of your yogic essentials!

  • Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Autobiography of a Yogi, is Paramahansa Yogananda’s groundbreaking memoir. It has sold well over four million copies since its publication in 1947.

Paramahansa Yogananda, narrates his lifetime of spiritual searching that led to his amazing, life-changing teachings that he has disseminated world-wide (through his organisation, Self-Realization Fellowship) to the delight and upliftment of thousands of grateful students.

The great guru’s students, in fact, remains more than ordinary students; they are devotees as they practice the techniques that promise more than a moral life. They promise the one goal that every soul is craving, self-realization or soul-realization, which is nothing less than union with the Divine Creator.

The world as we know, according to the revelations made in the book, exists as different layers of consciousness. The book explains the infinite universes and parallel existences described in the Hindu Upanishads, written thousands of years ago.

This yogi’s life story naturally unfolds all the concepts and ideas in such a gentle way with immense love, compassion, and intelligence. He informs the world with a wonderful clarity about the great mysteries of life.

  • Stumbling Into Infinity: An ordinary man in the sphere of enlightenment by Michael Fischman

This book endears itself to its audience because of its relatable nature. It is the story of a New Yorker who wanted something more than a successful Advertising career for himself. It talks about his quest to understand the meaning of life.

The story begins with his simple yet special childhood and his early encounters with the truth. The next few chapters walk you through a beautiful transformation in his life. It provides a close account of how a regular practice of meditation made him drug-free and raised his energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

The next part of the book introduces a new spiritual friend and guide who becomes an indispensable part of Michael’s life. Quoting a review “Michael Fischman’s journey reveals how fears and negative emotions can be transformed into love, compassion, and higher consciousness when a student has an authentic relationship with a wise teacher.” – Deepak Chopra


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