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Dorit Jaffe is a certified holistic nutrition and corporate wellness counselor working with people to implement healthier eating habits, manage stress, and heal digestive issues, for good. She creates personalized meal plans based on one's body type and health goals. Dorit integrates simple stress management techniques for her clients to incorporate daily and gain a more consciously aware relationship with their bodies. Nourishing a healthy mind with healthy food is what she emphasizes most of all. Dorit also has experience working with restaurants on menu curation and recipe development. By emphasizing quality ingredients and balancing the dish offerings she is able to achieve the optimal nutrition benefits for customers. In addition, Dorit is cofounder of Anzan, a cultural wellness retreat taking place in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala twice a year. Dorit is a published food and wellness writer who has been featured on Tastemade, Yahoo! Beauty, and Clean Program.